Men's Classic Shoes

Choosing a pair of classic men's shoes is like wearing the real made in Italy to enjoy all the experience of the craftsman who made that specific model.

There are two types of classic men's shoeslace-ups and moccasins. In turn the lace-ups are divided into Oxford and derby shoes.

The Oxford shoes, thanks to a refined and impeccable style, is by far the most widespread formal model. Its peculiarity lies in the cuff (ie the two parts where the eyelets reside, the holes for passing the laces) which is sewn under the mask and overlaps with it.

The leg of the derby shoes, on the other hand, is sewn over the mask and therefore the edges are wrapped around the instep and can be separated for their entire length. The derbies are particularly suitable for those with a broad floor and a high instep.

The moccasins are extremely comfortable shoes, without laces and which slip quickly and rigorously without socks. The first to wear them were the American Indians who, followed by the Norwegian sailors, rolled a piece of skin around the plant and sewed another piece of fabric on the instep to increase the heat. Not long ago, before seeing this classic shoe spread throughout Europe.