Oxford shoes

Men's Oxford shoes are ideal for those looking for a formal and sophisticated style. They are the most popular and well-known shoes among lovers of timeless classic footwear. Oxford derives from the fact that the first to wear this shoe were the wealthy students of the English university. They are the most elegant shoes ever: those that know how to enhance the style and refinement of the wearer. They are distinguished from other shoes, especially from men's derby shoes, because they have a closed lacing, the cuff in fact, where there are the eyelets to pass the laces, is sewn under the mask. You can find them plain or decorated at the tip, and it is this style variation that makes the Oxford an incredibly versatile and refined shoe.

When the refined combination is with an elegant suit, a tailored suit, a tuxedo, or when the occasion is particularly formal, the best choice, almost obligatory, is the Oxford shoes. In patent or shiny leather, the sobriety of its line cannot betray expectations, finishing an outfit without passing the mark.

In addition to the classic smooth Oxford shoes, the same elegance is also transmitted by the one with the pin, which is characterized by the addition of an additional element that is highlighted in a median seam, above the tip of the foot.

And if we are talking about play and fantasy, the Brogue cannot fail. The famous flower processing, combined with the iconic dovetail stitching - which is also found in the Derby - characterizes and embellishes the Oxford, making it a shoe full of personality. Surely this shoe gives a strong touch of personality and style to your outfit, of which it becomes the protagonist. The Brogue is in fact the type of shoe that attracts the eye!