The Otisopse represents one of the most appreciated shoe firms on the national scene because of its products' quality compared to a very competitive price.

The company took its first steps in 1929, thanks to Vincenzo Esposito, its intuitive and skilled pioneer.
Later his son Francesco took up his father’s legacy, virtues and abilities, so in 1964 he opened his first sales outlet in Via Alfonso D'Aragona n.22 near the city's central station.
Neapolitan clients know it as "Da Esposito 'a Ferrovia" (From Esposito to railway).
Francesco gained immediately a great success thanks to the quality of the shoes he sold and his purchasing power.


Many years later the Otisopse’s inauguration, Francesco and his sons, conscious of their competence and experienced matured through constant updates, decided for a qualitative leap forward from their previous creations. Therefore, the Otisopse's firm grew its business in Naples firstly, and it spread later in Campania and particularly in Tuscany at a national level.

Today, The Otisopse's business is run by the fourth generation, Vincenzo Esposito's great-grandsons.
They always provide enthusiasm and innovation to their company and product without misrepresenting the original path and ideals that have always characterized the brand.