Men's Slippers

Always worn by real English gents, slippers are a classic of British fashion like a smoking jacket or a bow tie. For the uninitiated, the slippers are a model of shoes with a vintage soul, but which over the last few years has returned to being very fashionable. Someone confuses them with the most typical "Friuli", but they belong to a totally different world that sees its uniqueness from the upper to the shaping that follows the foot.

Whether you are aboard a Porsche 356 or a Riva motorboat, the slipper looks like a comfortable and elegant shoe, which allows you to always be impeccable even when the situation is not very formal. Defined as elegant shoes and considered a cult of other times, in recent years men's slippers have been reborn to new life.

In our collection we decided to give space to creativity, making all our men's slippers unique because they are highly customizable. For the winter we offer the suede version that guarantees an elegant style for all true gentlemen.