Vibram sole

Born as mountain footwear, Vibram soles have become famous not only in Italy but all over the world: a very Italian product, despite their fame having crossed borders, establishing themselves even with the most important footwear companies.

Shoes with Vibram soles are synonymous of quality and technologyhighly resistant: they allow you to obtain high-quality performance, as well as lasting for several years. They are also ecologically sustainable, which is no small aspect if we consider how much this issue is currently felt.

Over time, Vibram soles have become more and more protagonists of fashion, rapidly passing from the mountains to the catwalks of the whole world: there are many brands that use them and more and more famous testimonials make use of them, combining them nonchalantly with all kinds of clothing.

Discover the whole collection from ankle boots to moccasins passing through the derbies with a tank structure that favors grip on all surfaces.