Women's Casual Shoes

Together with the Derby model, the women's Oxford shoes have become the most fashionable model of recent times. Available in different versions, they adapt to any style. Without heel, men's model, in leather with strings, they are suitable for any type of clothing. Elegant and with a bon ton style, brogues are never a trivial choice.

The combinations are many! The top are black brogues with women's tuxedo and classic cut black pants make you an elegant woman. But if you love a casual style, try combining patent leather brogues with your favorite jeans. A truly extraordinary look!

Inspirations from the male wardrobe and a decidedly garçonne style for those who love to wear women's brogues, models that recall men's Oxford lace-up shoes. It is for this reason that women's brogues are ideal for completing your look with a touch of style.

In recent years, women's brogues have become particularly popular models among the youngest. From the catwalks to everyday life: many designers have proposed women's brogues in combination with cigarette trousers and blouses. From the most classic plain-colored women's brogues in black, to models with leather or fabric inserts, to those characterized by decidedly more original colors: women's brogues have been reinterpreted over the years, thus remaining a shoe that is always up-to-date.