Who are "quellilà in Italy"?

Quellilà in Italy is a quality Italian footwear brand born out of the intuition and passion of three young Italian entrepreneurs who are representatives of the fourth generation of the brand Otisopse

The desire to create a luxury product that is primarily focused on the freshness of the design and the accuracy of the particular, highlighting the style and beauty of the footwear. Such a shoe is carried out at the level of an artistic gesture aimed at creating a work of art that witnesses the importance and harmony of the Italian style and in particular of the maesty of the Neapolitan school.

This is born so quellilà in Italy, a new brand that dares, which wants to go counter to traditional standards and which aims to meet the needs and tastes of our most demanding "otisopsian" clientele. The all strictly made in Italy


Handcrafted footwear refinished by hand
All the models in our collection are refinished by hand at the smallest detail in order to meet the needs of men and women who wish to express the best of their self.
The choice of the right shoe and accessory cannot become a mechanical habit, but it must be a conscious choice where it manifests its own uniqueness and style.
Discover all the novelties related to our brand and reinterpret in your own way the exquisitely Italian elegance of its homemade fogles.