Casual loafers for men

Shoes of different fabrics are back again to walk the catwalks of important internationally renowned brands, to present the collectionsautumn / winter 2019casual and elegant. And which male model can fully describe these two styles? THEloafers

These shoes are versatile and easy to combine, suitable both for important occasions and for less formal events. The peculiarity that characterizes these shoes is the personality. With their timeless style, in fact, they always manage to express the character of the wearer. But what differentiates casual from classic moccasins? Some useful information.

Casual or classic moccasins?

One difference to underline is that between moccasinsPenny LoafersisTassel Loafers. The former have neither strings nor seams and were called so because American students used to insert a penny coin into the mask. THETassel Loafersinstead, they are characterized by a leather or suede tassel. We can say that, unlike other shoes, both of these moccasin models can be defined both casual and classic. So what characterizes these two shoes? The outfit.

If you want to wear them during the day, for an informal walk, do not be afraid and combine thesuede moccasinsto a jeans and a sweatshirt. Have you been invited to a friendly evening event? Shirt without tie eleather moccasins with extra-light rubber sole for a casual and not overly elegant look. Unlike other shoes, men's casual loafers maintain their own class and sophistication, making them perfect for the man who never wants to give up on a classy garment.

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