Handmade shoes Made in Italy

Shoe suppliers Made in Italy they are among the most appreciated and sought after globally. But what are the reasons for such success?

The art of making handmade shoes has ancient origins and has the goal of combining excellence, history and style in a single work. The realities that still realize today handmade shoes they are decreasing, but you don't have to give up looking for them. To help you in this endeavor, we have decided to give you a series of tips to recognize real ones made in Italy shoes:

- Label / Stamp in focus: all handcrafted shoes have a label or a stamp on the inside which shows the materials the shoe is made of. To make sure you buy a quality model, don't forget to check them and read them carefully

- Comfort: do not hesitate to wear the shoes you want to buy. A handmade shoe will wrap your foot with extreme softness

- Quality: a made in Italy shoe will not show obvious scratches or creases. Usually, to make handmade shoes, high quality leathers are chosen, which do not have obvious defects

- Symmetry: handmade shoes should be the same as much as possible. Color, stitching and heel height cannot differ for any reason

- Anchoring: in handmade shoes the sole is fixed by glue and stitching. Check that there are no burrs and that the fabric is not damaged


Best Italian handmade shoes

Making handmade shoes means respecting all the characteristics indicated above, but it also means creating something unique, which reflects the tastes and the soul of the master who produced them. In itself, the Made in Italy brand should already be synonymous with excellence, but choosing a supplier who creates a quality product, which is also the result of passion, is no exception.

Otisopse offers the customer handmade shoes characterized by excellent raw materials, attention to detail and inimitable style. If you are interested, take a look at ours classic moccasins for men or ours slippers for women and you will understand how we make our handmade shoes!

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