The derby shoes for men are characterized by a wide plant, rounded toe and a multi-layered sole. They are a model of classic lace-up shoes that differ from Oxford shoes because they are characterized by an “open” rather than “closed” lacing. The flaps of the cuff are in fact sewn over the vamp and allow the shoe to wrap around the foot more easily. The Derby shoes are distinguished from other lace-up shoes not only for being more practical and comfortable, but also because they are a very versatile model: they are easier to find in different colors and materials and are a continuous model that can be worn both in winter than in summer.

Men's lace-up derby shoes, like the Oxford shoes, are shoes that are not influenced by the evolution of the fashion world, however the open lacing gives them a more informal and sporty character, making them ideal for those looking for a comfortable fit to combine with an elegant style. Derby shoes come in different designs and styles and for this reason it is important to know how to orient yourself to find the model to match to every occasion.

The Otisopse collection includes a wide range of Derby shoes: from formal ones for important events to more sporty ones for evening appointments and weekend outings with friends. They are perfect for the man who loves beauty - with them on your feet you will surely be noticed among the crowd, keeping your elegance intact.