Women's moccasins, versatility and elegance

Women's moccasins, perfect shoes for autumn and spring

What better reason to decide to replace sandals with a perfect shoe model for autumn?

Let's welcome loafers, among the flattest, most comfortable and chic women's shoes of all time. In leather or suede, the moccasins are perfect for taking a walk in the city or for going to the office. Practical but elegant, they adapt to multiple occasions giving the wearer a casual and trendy look.

How to match moccasins?

Choosing a pair of moccasins is just one of the steps to consider before leaving home. For an informal but classic outfit, we therefore propose a black leather model with cleat to be worn under a pair of straight and soft leg trousers. If instead you want to dare, opt for some indigo suede shoes to combine with a pair of straight printed trousers, with floral or geometric patterns.

Skirt lovers? No worries, the moccasins also lend themselves well under a long pleated skirt or under the Margot Tenenbaum-style polo mini-dresses, fragile and disillusioned anti-heroine of "The Tenenbaum".

Loafers: yes socks or no socks?

Undecided about which sock to choose? If you wear a dress, go ahead with opaque stockings; if you prefer jeans, consider fishnet stockings also in a knee-high version. For the more adventurous we recommend a pair of socks, but never the same color as the moccasins!


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