Matching shoes – belt: some tips

You have arranged a dinner with your sweetheart, you have chosen the shirt, jacket and trousers that make you feel most comfortable. You bought a new pair of ad hoc shoes that seemed perfect for the occasion and you're ready to go down until you remember you haven't chosen the belt yet.

Well yes, this decision can create real problems if you do not choose the right shoe pairing – belt. To solve this dilemma, here are some tips to consider so as not to spoil a perfect evening.

Color: Match shoes and belt according to color. A simple rule, almost trivial, but that can save you on multiple occasions. You've chosen classic shoes derby in brown leather? Choose a belt of the same shades.

Style: If you're wearing a boot, derby or a pair of loafers, choose a casual belt. If you prefer a double buckle model or a classic shoe, opt for a particularly elegant belt. Do you love sneakers? A cloth belt will be fine!

Decoration: attention to detail. It is not necessary that the details are exactly the same, but avoid juxtaposing studs with strings just because you see metal. Trust your good taste and choose the most eye-catching pairing.

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