How to clean leather and suede shoes


When we go for a walk or to head to a place we try to choose the shoes also according to the weather forecast. The unexpected, however, is always around the corner and here we can find ourselves walking in an incessant rain while on the foot we wear a pair of delicate leather or suede shoes. Rain may be just one of the problems to deal with as it often brings puddles of mud and sewage with it. 
How to clean shoes that have just been already wet or stained due to force? In particular, for suede shoes, we recommend drying the mud and removing it later with a cloth, without over-frying. If residue is still visible, you can use dedicated brushes for suede. If, on the other hand, they are simply wet, let them dry by inserting a tendiscarpe inside them to prevent them from losing the shape. Once dried, first pass a simple brush and then the camoscina, to return the brilliant effect. 
For leather footwearInstead, it is advisable to remove the mud with a toothbrush so as not to be very invasive. If they are wet, on the contrary, rub them with a cotton cloth soaked in cleansing milk.

Clean shoes from oil

As well as rain, oil can be one of the most annoying liquids to eliminate; If it then falls on leather or suede shoes, then the situation can become delicate. As for suede shoes, we recommend that you clean with baking soda or Talcum powder, which will have to be removed after a few hours, with the use of a lava hand-in-hand paste. Finally, you can eliminate the latter with a wet cloth. If the problem is leather shoes, use dish detergent or a degrea degreaator.

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