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Since 1929 we produce handmade shoes

and leather accessories, all finished by hand, using only the best

of leathers and raw materials, following the long tradition of true Made in Italy and exporting it all over the world. 


each product is unique
and inimitable

Our is a passion, not a job, every product is created by our craftsmen with care and devotion, taking care of every detail as if it were an art masterpiece. Join in the Otisopse world and discover our collections!


change your style!

Our wide range of products allows each customer

to find what you really want, without any compromise,

managing to satisfy even the most demanding customers.  


Our power is
the price!

Our strength, besides the quality of the materials and the hand finishing of our items, is the price. Otisopse is a brand that strives to have low and competitive prices all year round, offering an enviable price-quality ratio!


made in italy shoes

When artisan wisdom is paired with the selection of the best leathers, the only result can be a unique and inimitable brand. Otisopse is an entirely Made in Italy brand that combines experience and passion for handmade shoes with a great awareness of the latest trends: tradition meets creativity within the company to give rise to superior quality shoes and accessories for men and women. From their assembly to finishing, Otisopse products are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in exclusively Italian factories: strong reliability is not only the main feature of the brand's creations, but also a pride for the company, which can count on its art being appreciated nationally and internationally. Otisopse's success is also due to its commitment to keep up with the times and offer its customers items with unmistakable style halfway between classic and contemporary, while at the same time contributing to the enrichment of Italian artisan heritage.

Choosing high-quality materials and working them by hand to create modern and trendy shoes is not a simple task, but the Esposito family has been at the forefront of the artisan footwear sector since the 1920s and stands out today for its products of great value and excellent price/quality ratio. Each Otisopse shoe is not merely an accessory that covers the foot to allow its wearer to walk comfortably in all situations: more than that, it is the symbol of refined Made in Italy style, of that local culture of dressing well that Italians are envied for worldwide, the emblem of the artistic inspiration that only our professionals have for something as ordinary as footwear.

Handmade shoes

Not everyone can be impeccable in any context, but they can with Otisopse shoes and accessories: each shoe of each collection is handcrafted down to the smallest detail, designed to meet the needs of men and women who always want to give their best when it comes to their clothing. The choice of the right shoe or ideal bag to match with a daily look should not be an impromptu gesture, but a conscious way of expressing one's individuality, to leave a mark and be remembered. The Otisopse brand holds the personal style of its individual customers dear: this is why it has focused its work on the production of high-quality shoes, making timeless models with great durability. Discover all the men's and women's leather shoes proposed by the brand and reinterpret the exquisitely Italian elegance of its artisan fashion in your own way.