Terms and conditions 

1. General Condition sales for products purchased on www.otisopse.com. 

The Otisopse represents one of the most appreciated and productive shoe firms on the national scene because of its products' quality compared to a very competitive price. Moreover, The Otisopse offers a secure shopping online experience for its customers through its website to provide a wide selection of models with the advantages of a safe and simple method of purchasing goods as the online shopping.
The Otisopse society Web S.r.l. Via Guglielmo Melisurgo, 15 - 80133 - Napoli, P.Iva: 08490801217 ("Otisopse") invites its users to note the current General Terms and Conditions of sales (hereinafter referred GTC) that regulate the purchasing and management of eventual orders on www.otisopse.com ("the website")
1.1 On the site are offered for sales just Otisopse's brand products that the users (from now on "Customer/Customers") may purchase following the purchase procedures described below and implemented on the Site.

2. The conclusion of the contract and the products delivery.

2.1 The registration to the website is necessary to proceed the purchasing of the products, following the vision of the privacy policy and the acceptance of the same GTC.

Every order made entails the conclusion of a purchase agreement between the customer and Otisopse. 
By Clicking on the buttons "Buy" or "Place the order", the customer places a binding order for the goods in the shopping carts. If the existing funds on the indicated account are sufficient to purchase the goods and the bank details provided are valid, The Bank will instantly provide to send the confirmation‘s debt of the transaction to Otisopse.

The purchase agreement is concluded between Otisopse and the Customer only when the latter has received an order confirmation by e-mail. If the customer does not receive any confirmation of the order within the next 24 hours, the relative order will be deemed as rejected by Otisopse and, therefore, it has no effect. In this case, to settle disputes concerning the order we invite you to contact customer service to the email address specified in Article 10.1, below.

2.2 Orders will be delivered as soon as Otisopse receive the full payment of the purchase price and any shipping charges, where specified.

2.3 Where the / the product / s included / is / are not available, the customer cannot start the purchasing process.
However, if despite the unavailability of the product in stock, the system mistakenly indicates the possibility of purchasing the product and the order was carried out by the Customer, Otisopse doesn't take over the burden of procuring the right product to the latter one.The customer will be called by Otisopse's Customer Care who is to inform the first one about the occurred inconvenience. Otisopse will provide the money refund in 7 days.

2.4 Otisopse delivers on the Italian territory, the European Union and outside the European Union. Delivery time is expressed in working days, being understood as such those between Monday and Friday inclusive, excluding any public holidays

3. Prices, Delivery cost and delivery time.

3.1 The products ‘price is only expressed in Euros.

3.2 The Customer is required to pay the price published on the check-out page at the time of the order is sent. The indicated price is final and inclusive of VAT and possible delivery charges. Orders will be processed and / or shipped from Otisopse days from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:30. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed within the next working day.

3.3 Particularly:

• Deliveries on Italian territory are free and shipping times vary from 3 to 5 working days;
• The shipments outside Italy, but within the European Union, have an additional cost of 15 euros, and the delivery times vary from 5 to 7 working days.
• The cost of shipping and delivery times outside of Italy and the European Union differs according to the destination country, which in any case will be indicated in the relevant check-out page before payment.

3.4 Please note that the delivery time and / or shipping of goods are subject to change not caused by Otisopse or due to force majeure events, such as and without limitations, strikes, natural disasters, external situations to the company etc. etc.

3.5 During the sales period, promotions, events and holidays, shipments can be delayed or take longer independently by Otisopse's will. 

4. Payments

4.1 Otisopse accepts payments made by MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Diners and American Express.

4.2 Once the payment confirmation from the interested bank is obtained, Otisopse proceeds forwards sending the Client an e-mail including the confirmation of payment and an identification number of your order. Concluding the shipping operations of the goods, Otisopse proceeds by sending an additional e-mail to the customer with the necessary data to the traceability of the package.

4.3 If existing funds into the indicated account would be sufficient to purchase the products, and the bank details provided are valid, the bank will send instantly, confirmation of the debit transaction. Customers will be shown and sent simultaneously, by an email, an order code, and a payment transaction's code. The full amount will be charged to your credit card at the time of purchase. (Orders are processed from Monday to Friday, at the following times from 9:00 to 17:30. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed within the next working day)

4.4 To ensure greater protection on purchases made through e-commerce, Otisopse recommends its customers to subscribe to the services Verified By Visa or Mastercard Securecode, requiring a PIN security code to be able to make their purchases. In any case, the site uses the https protocol / ssl, to ensure the security of information exchanged through the same.

4.5 If the indicated account did not have the necessary funds to proceed with the purchase and the payment request was therefore rejected, the contract will be deemed for all purposes not concluded.

5. The Application of promotional vouchers.

Promotional vouchers:
• may have a value expressed in% or fixed amount;
• They cannot be purchased by customers but are offered by Otisopse as part of promotional campaigns;
• Can be used for a limited period of validity

Some promotional vouchers can be applied to the full amount of the merchandise in the virtual shopping cart, while others will be applied only to the individual product.
Vouchers can be used:
• Only once about a single order;
• Within the specified period.

Furthermore, it is likely that the possibility of using promotional coupons may be excluded for purchasing certain products or that the use of a coupon is subject to a minimum amount.
If the amount of the coupon is not sufficient to cover the value of the / the product / s ordered / s, the difference can be paid through the procedures indicated by art. 4.

Coupons cannot be combined in the same order or transferred to third parties but can be only used if the order is finalized. Moreover, the same cannot be used retroactively.

When during the order, the customer should have used a promotional voucher and the total order value - because of the customer's withdrawal- should be less than the value of the promotional coupon, Otisopse reserves henceforth the right to invoice the original price of goods which remaining under possession the customer's possession.

Otisopse will affect the use of these coupons to the achievement of a minimum expenditure threshold, whose calculations excluded the shipping costs.

6. Orders cancellation and the right of cooling off period.

The customer may choose to cancel the order at any time before the product's delivery. To exercise this right, the Customer must write an email to the address specified in Art. 10.1 below. Upon receipt of the request, Otisopse will cancel the order and refund the amount paid within 14 days from the date of which Otisopse received the customer's request.

7. The right of withdrawal.

7.1 Under Article. 49 et seq. of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005), the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within and no later than 14 days, from the day when the customer or a third party, different from the carrier, entersin possession of the goods purchased.

7.2 What the customer can do to exercise correctly the right of withdrawal is: 
a) Using the form for the withdrawal from Annex I, Part B, and sending it by registered mail a / r to Otisopse web srl, Via G.Melisurgo,15,80133 Napoli (NA); or
b) Accessing to his private area and click on the appropriate tab. Through the same, it will access to a precompiled form that would integrate with the necessary and missing information.

After the reception of withdrawal's request, Otisopse will send the customer a notice by email to confirm it.

7.3 Furthermore, the customer shall be required to return to Otisopse the goods, within 14 days after the call for withdrawal, through the courier who made the delivery and at its expense. The goods must be sent back in the following ways:

• Properly packed in their original packaging, not ruined, damaged or soiled and equipped with all the possible accessories and documentation, without manifesting signs of use;
• Equipped with the original document of transport (present in the original packaging), to allow Otisopse to identify the customer without any mistakes (order number, name, and address);

If the ways and times indicated above for the return of the goods are not respected, Otisopse reserves the right not to accept the return and not to make any refund.

7.4 Following the termination of the contract, Otisopse will provide, within, and no later than 14 days, depending on which situation occurs first, The receipt of the goods in question or the customer's proof about the dispatch of the same ones, to refund the price paid by the customer at the time of purchasing, including standard shipping costs.
Where the Customer has chosen a different mode from the standard one, if available, the refund will concern only the difference between the cost of standard shipping and the one chosen by the customer. If there is a damage derived from the customer's use of the purchased product, its value decreases, and the customer will respond to Otisopse about it.

7.5 The refund above will be made by using the same payment's mode used by the customer during the purchasing. In any case, the customer does not need to pay any fees because of such refund, except for shipping charges for the return of the goods.

7.6 In case of withdrawal concerning all products purchased, the initial delivery costs will also be refunded. Otherwise, in case of "partial" withdrawal (Concerning just a part of the products purchased), the initial delivery expenses will not be reimbursed.
If the procedure above about the withdrawal and the return of goods are not respected, Otisopse reserves the right of not accepting the withdrawal itself without making any refund, without prejudice to compliance with any legal obligations against the subject.

8. Return

8.1 The return of any damaged goods.

a) It's defined a "damaged good" a product whose defects are immediately identifiable after a quick and hurried exam. 
b) The defect which affected the purchased goods must be reported by the customer within, and no later than 60 days following the date of receipt of the goods, sending an e-mail to info@otisopse.com or by registered letter to Otisopse web Srl, Via G.Melisurgo 15, 80133 Napoli (NA);
c) In addition, The customer has to send the goods back in the following ways:

• Properly packed in their original packaging, not ruined, damaged or soiled and equipped with all the possible accessories and documentation, and without manifesting any signs of use;
• Equipped with the original transport document (present in the original packaging), to allow Otisopse just to identify the customer (order number, name, and address);

If the procedures and times aforementioned for the return of the goods are not respected, Otisopse reserves the right of not accepting the return itself and not making the repayment.
d) The shipping costs of the goods returned will be borne by Otisopse, who will attempt to collect goods using his/her courier.
e) The price of the products and the cost of initial shipment will be refunded to the customer within 14 days from the day of the goods ‘receipt by Otisopse. Reimbursement is to be done with the same method of payment chosen by the Customer during the purchasing. In case of payment by credit card or through PayPal system, the refund will be credited with the sum in question on the Customer's account.

9. Refunds

9.1 Refunds are accredited directly through the modality that the customer previously used to pay the products.

10. Customer Service

10.1 The Customer can contact Otisopse's Customer service, that will be active from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:30 at the e-mail address info@otisopse.com.

10.2 Applications received outside the regular working hours will be taken over from the first working day after that.

11. Warranty for defects and differences of the products and additional information.

11.1 On the products purchased on the website the rules of the Consumer Code on warranty for defects and deformities of the products. Therefore, the Customer will be entitled the rights under Article. 128 and the following of the Consumer's Code and these rights must be exercised in terms of art. 132 of the Consumer Code.

12. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

12.1 At present GTC and purchasing contracts made in connection is applied to the Italian law (and particularly the Consumer Code - which, in Articles. 46 to 67 governing distance contracts - and 70 of Legislative Decree 09/04 / 2003 on electronic commerce) in the light of which must be interpreted.

12.2 By Article 447bis of the Civil Procedure Code and Art. 66-bis of the Consumer Code, Leg. 206/2005, in case of a dispute between the parties concerning the interpretation, termination and / or application of this contract is mandatory territorial jurisdiction in via the courts for the place of residence or domicile of the consumer,if located in State territory. However, if the consumer is resident or domiciled outside the Italian territory, any dispute concerning matters far mentioned will be exclusive jurisdiction of the Naples court.

13. ODR Platform.

In compliance with the latest European regulations, clicking on this link the customer can access the new platform (ODR) for alternative online dispute resolution (also cross-border). Please note that the use of the platform is optional, and does not prejudge or exclude the possibility of contact Customer Service by writing to the email address info@otisopse.com.