Women's Casual Shoes

The female universe has never been so close to the men's as it is this winter! The walkways merge and alternate, welcoming tall and slender silhouettes that follow masculine and masculine footprints. Until last year there was a perceptible distinction between women's and men's shoes, but now, the differences are really minimal, if not non-existent.

The casual shoes for her follow his and make way for the Oxford shoes and the female derby shoes. Furthermore, buckles and fringes are added to the classic moccasins to give them a touch of freshness and originality, an expression of an increasingly self-assured femininity.

How to match casual shoes

Reflecting on the surface it might seem difficult to combine derby shoes with brogues, intended as casual shoes. In reality, these two models can be easily worn with numerous items. A pair of derby in abrasive leather, for example, can be combined with a skinny one and a maxi t-shirt.
Black leather brogues, on the other hand, can be worn with an oversize coat and trousers with a turn-up; further suggestion: choose colored socks and leave them on display. Do you prefer a leather derby model? Leather jacket, turtleneck and palazzo pants. Finally, a moccasin with fringe and buckle in indigo-colored leather can be perfectly matched with jeans.


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