The 2019 Flat Shoes

Each season corresponds to a model of shoes. We can therefore say that if the summer inevitably attracts sandals, autumn begins to claim more footwear to cover the foot: the flat or dolly shoes.

Comfortable, timeless and always chic, the flat shoes are the shoes you can always need. Perfect if worn with a shirt or a simple t-shirt and skinny pants, they are also suitable for a balloon bermuda or a day dress. To further enhance them during this 2019, we recommend that you create a coordinated with the bag or accessories. The only rule? Avoid the stockings to not look a little old.


Flat shoes with heel

But if you think flat shoes are just plain shoes you are wrong. This model has lived in recent years a fascinating evolution that has seen in flat shoes with heels one of the most successful proposals.

Dolly shoes with midi heels are perfect for daywear, so they can be combined with a casual or office look. With this model you will have the possibility of being elegant without ever risking being out of place. In beige or blue suede leather, choose fabric and color according to your outfit without fear of making a mistake.


Elegant ceremonial flat shoes

Don't you like vertiginous heels even on big occasions? Then remember that you can always opt for elegant ceremonial flat shoes. Bon ton and refined, these shoes can satisfy even the most formal events. If you have chosen a shiny dress and don't want to go unnoticed, dare with a pair of golden leather flat shoes; if you prefer the porcelain doll effect, we recommend the suede flat shoes with strap, in soft colors such as apricot, taupe or beige.


Still undecided on the model to choose? Find out our collection and look for the most suitable flat shoes model for you!