Double buckle shoes for men

Double buckle shoes are one of the cornerstones of male elegance. But what is it? Basically a derby model closed not by strings, but through a side band that ends with two buckles (double monk strap, or dub-monks). Unlike other footwear, this shoe embodies a twofold appeal because it recalls both the English nobles of the eighteenth century and the French musketeers. Nobility and virility enclosed in a single model.

What is certain is that double buckle shoes for men are generally considered elegant and as such must be combined with an outfit that respects and enhances nature.
Of course, this does not mean that they cannot be worn even under more casual clothes, but we must always try to create a common thread between our personality and that of shoes.

Double buckle shoes: when to wear them?

Perfect for formal day situations, such as business appointments, or gala dinners, these shoes can be chosen based on the fabric they are made of and the color. A pair of double monk brown leather straps, for example, will be perfect when paired with light trousers and a cardigan for a minimal yet elegant outfit. A pair of double buckles in black abrasive leather, on the other hand, will go very well under a tuxedo. On the contrary, if instead you want to opt for a less formal model, you can choose shoes in perforated blue leather, also ideal with a tight-fitting jeans.

If the models presented have not convinced you completely, take a look at the dedicated section of our site and choose the double buckle shoes for men that are best suited to you!