Origin of ankle boots

They can be worn in the office or at the restaurant, for a formal event or a dinner with friends; but what is the origin of the ankle boots?

This model of shoes would take its name from short ankle boots that were fastened with buttons, used by men and women at the end of the 19th century. The other hypothesis is that their name derives from the models of boots made by Nathan Clark for the soldiers stationed in Burma during the second post-war period, hence the English name desert boots.

In any case, whatever their origin, the ankle boots differ from other shoe models, for a very specific feature: comfort.


Colored ankle boots

Thanks to their comfort and versatility, the ankle boots have undergone numerous influences over the years. To the classic models with rubber bottom, blue suede or other darker shades, others have been added, equally elegant but characterized by lighter and neutral colors such as dove gray or gray. If, on the other hand, you want a pair of sportier ankle boots then, you could consider a model, always in suede, but with a car-style rubber sole.


Ankle boots for men

Although ankle boots have always been worn even by women, it is men who seek them most. But when to wear them?

There are so many possible combinations: perfect with velvet trousers and a shirt for a more elegant outfit, or with jeans and a sweater or a cardigan for a more casual occasion. The ankle boots can really be worn without giving too much attention to the dress code. The only style advice: these shoes matched with long socks in Scotland thread to always be original!


And now all you have to do is take a look at our men's ankle boots, to choose the model that's right for you!