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  • Casual


    It makes all the difference in creating your style and the Otisopse brand knows it well: its casual models of men's shoes, all strictly Made in Italy, are what it takes to stand out from the crowd and always keep up with the latest trends.

    Wearing the right shoe for every occasion means feeling at ease and conveying a sense of security and elegance to others. The choice of footwear may seem like a minor detail, but it is an element capable of enhancing an entire outfit, giving any look an extra edge.

    The casual collection of Otisopse men's shoes is not only synonymous with craftsmanship but is also tasteful: the brand's creations are both practical and sophisticated, ideal with cotton shirts and trousers, as well as sporty items such as jeans. If you want to dress in style any time of the year and show off valuable footwear even in informal situations, choose the casual men's shoe that is right for you from many different styles.

    The most popular model is undoubtedly the derby, a durable and very comfortable shoe with regular lines that is even suited for more formal circumstances, appreciated by young people but not only: whether you choose it in suede, smooth leather or lace-up, it will always be a decisive shoe with an inimitable character, able to stand out above all in the electric-blue rubber-bottom version.

    The double buckle for men is a source of great pride of the Otisopse brand, a shoe with exquisitely Italian style, highly esteemed both locally and abroad: whether it is in leather or suede, with fringe or without, in all its various colours, this model guarantees great comfort and great versatility of use.

    Oxfords have always been considered the emblem of elegance, the timeless ceremonial shoe with a rigid, narrow and elongated shape: its shiny appearance in shades of brown, the crafted seams and breathable base make it perfect even in the simplest settings, creating a casual but refined style even under a pair of dark jeans.

  • Mocassini Sportivi
  • Classiche


    There are shoes that come and go in a hurry and shoes that never cease to represent the essence of the true gentleman in the collective imagination. This is the case of Otisopse's classic men's shoes: always a guarantee of distinction and taste. Made by hand with great attention to detail, these shoes are not a trivial accessory but a way for their wearer to express his identity: they are the symbol of his personal style.

    Each type of shoe is best for certain occasions; when a man chooses to wear classic shoes, he chooses to portray himself as elegant and confident in all situations. Classic men's shoes have a very long history behind them and are still appreciated by a wide range of ages because they are both refined and functional at the same time. Yet to truly be high quality, the shoe cannot merely be aesthetically valuable, but must also be comfortable to wear: thanks to its craftsmanship, the classic Otisopse collection manages to combine both components.

    Otisopse has three main models of classic shoes:

    • Double buckle - this shoe has a typical Made in Italy style and is probably the most versatile, because despite being more traditional it is also perfect for casual occasions: you can wear it for work under an elegant suit, or in combination with sporty trousers for a contemporary, moxie look;
    • Oxford - an emblem of sophisticated business wear, this model is a type of timeless footwear that is rigid and refined, able to enhance the elegance of an entire outfit in its simplicity: it features closed lacing and can be in smooth leather, decorated at the tip or woven for a more formal, dynamic or creative effect.
    • Derby - this lace-up shoe model has a wide tread which is distinguished by an open and easily adjustable lacing, ideal for those who have a high instep: resistant to wear over time, comfortable and adaptable, this shoe lends itself to different types of occasions, from daytime at the office to informal outings, and from important events to leisure time.
  • Gommini


    With the right shoes you can be chic and casual at the same time; when creating its original collection of rubber-soled shoes, Otisopse thought of those men who like to feel relaxed without giving up on style by wearing comfortable, high-quality shoes. In fact, the men's rubber-soled shoes collection combines Made in Italy craftsmanship with the most trendy moccasin models: the result is a type of shoe with great versatility that can combine functionality and elegance.

    Choosing the style that best suits the circumstances and a man's way of being is not a minor detail, but a significant gesture that is also expressed through shoes. What you wear on your feet can be a way to express your personality, which is why Otisopse's collection of men's casual moccasins is highly appreciated by customers: it combines classic models and contemporary lines for a fresh and dynamic look, adaptable to both formal contexts and everyday life.

    The men's rubber-soled shoes, also called driving moccasins, are the result of an all-Italian innovation from the sixties which later became famous in the rest of the world. In fact, they came from the desire to combine passion for handmade shoes with that of racing cars: the result was a handmade moccasin built over a base of rubber balls for an anti-slip feature, which then became almost a status symbol, a fashion accessory worn not only by motorists but by entire generations. 

    Driving moccasins are still the emblem of informal clothing, a type of timeless footwear that is a must-have in any man's closet, both young and old. The essential style, decorated with the application of a simple side lace, makes it a perfect shoe for the summer months: fresh, comfortable, practical and easy to match. In fact, the rubber-soled shoes are comfortable with the most sporty and casual garments for leisure, such as Bermuda shorts, or with a long mismatched suit, ideal for a work meeting with a relaxed but professional character.

    The handmade models of Otisopse men's rubber-soled shoes are available in leather or suede, with shades ranging from white to black and different tones of grey, blue and brown, to meet every style need.

  • Mocassini Classici


    Comfortable and versatile, moccasins never go out of fashion; any man with a sophisticated and functional wardrobe should always have a pair. The most classic models have always been the undisputed synonym of elegance and refinement and can render even the simplest and most minimal items of clothing chic.

    The Otisopse brand knows how much these shoes are appreciated by both young and older men, and has thus designed a collection of rich and varied classic moccasins to meet the different style needs of its customers. Otisopse men's moccasins are true masterpieces of craftsmanship, products of great creativity and Made in Italy passion: comfortable, durable, handmade with high quality materials, ideal for wearing in professional or more casual situations.

    The elegant men's moccasin is called the college model, as it recalls the 1950s American university students' habit of wearing shoes without laces. However, the true origin of this design is linked to the typical shoes of American-Indians, who used to completely wrap their feet with pieces of deerskin sewn together in order to protect themselves from bad weather.

    In fact, moccasins never have laces, are available in leather or suede, and may or may not have a thin loop that wraps around the instep. These shoes are easy to wear and very comfortable, perfect for the office and formal situations as well as for leisure: in short, a timeless men's fashion garment, a symbol of a dynamic but sophisticated lifestyle.

    The classic men's moccasin perfectly matches straight-leg trousers, both light and dark, better still if they are hemmed at the right length. In the summer these shoes are ideal with a pair of Bermuda shorts and a shirt, not only in classic neutral colours but also more lively ones for a modern look halfway between casual and elegant. An always valid rule is to choose the colour of the moccasins by matching them with your belt: this is obviously not mandatory, but a great way to avoid unpleasant chromatic errors.

  • Casual mocassins
  • Polacchine


    Are you looking for a classic shoe that best matches less formal outfits? Desert boots could be the right solution for you. The Otisopse brand has decided to respond to men's need for comfort and style with a truly inimitable collection of men's desert boots, handmade with quality materials to offer customers unique and unmistakable Made in Italy footwear.

    This type of shoe is well-known thanks to the officers of the British army, who wore cheap but resistant shoes in the 1940s to face the sand and extreme climatic conditions of the desert. A military shoe, in short, which thanks to an English entrepreneur has become a true style icon over time: desert boots have since been a huge success with customers of all ages and are still a very appreciated model by men because they are casual and always fashionable.

    Otisopse's men's ankle boots, whether in suede or leather, are durable and comfortable to wear, ideal for those who lead a life on the move but don't want to give up having a bit of elegance on their feet. This model is perfect for leisurely strolls, an evening out with friends, but also an informal business meeting.

    Thanks to their wide shape at the ankle, neutral colours and the stability in the gait guaranteed by the rubber sole, these shoes are incredibly versatile: perfect for a smart-casual look by day, and to add a more distinguished tone to official occasions. In summer you can wear them with Bermuda shorts and t-shirts, while in winter they perfectly match long cigarette pants and a shirt; combined with a classic jacket they can add that extra touch to formal wear, while with jeans and a leather jacket they immediately add a sporty, rock accent.

    In short, the desert boots never disappoint and are shoes that every man who loves taking care of his style should have in his closet.

  • Slippers


    Of all the most popular men's shoes without laces, regardless of the age group, the soft Otisopse slippers deserve an honorable mention; they are a particular moccasin with a contemporary design that lend themselves very well to elegant looks as well as to more casual ones. The slipper-like shoe model which recalls the old-fashioned idea of ​​the high-society English gentleman in sophisticated clothes combines the comfort of a low shoe with the refinement of its workmanship in a high-quality artisan creation that cannot fail to leave its mark.

    The men's slippers differ from classic moccasins in their more tapered shape and larger décolletage, which gently climbs up the instep and wraps it better. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and easy to match: excellent for the office and getting around the city, since they match both sporty, relaxed looks and elegant suits equally well. Their practicality and propensity to make even the simplest outfits chic lead them to be considered a synonym of good taste by both adult men and trendy youth who love keeping up with the latest trends. 

    The Otisopse collection offers many different types of male slippers to meet every possible style requirement. As for their material, these shoes are available in leather, suede or velvet. Each model can be chosen in various colours depending on the occasion, from more neutral and traditional tones such as black and brown, to more bright and flashy tones such as purple, yellow and cobalt blue. As for decorations, the slippers can have a smooth design with a double buckle, or be embellished with a tassel.

    This type of Made in Italy footwear is a great compromise between the comfort of sneakers and the formality of classic shoes and adds a dandy, refined note to any type of look. It especially gives its best with straight-leg trousers, even better if matched to the colour of the belt to enhance the overall beauty of an outfit.

  • Sneakers


    Otisopse's collection of men's sneakers is the Made in Italy answer to men's need for sneakers that can also be elegant: the brand's creations are at the same time sporty and sophisticated, handmade with resistant, high-quality materials, able to give the wearer both style and comfort.

    You can choose them in suede or leather, with a low line or as an ankle boot: whatever your preferences, Otisopse men's sneakers are distinguished for their breathability during the summer and warmth in winter, ideal for those who love to spend free time on walks and wear sportswear. 

    In fact, sneakers are the sports shoes par excellence: comfortable, casual, youthful and practical to wear every day. Many men see them as the best footwear during changing seasons, especially under casual wear, but with the right details they can become a very chic solution for even the most formal circumstances. Whether white or coloured, sneakers know how to be the perfect amount of sporty and can add an extra edge to both simple looks and more refined ones. 

    If it is true that shoes are also a way to communicate your individuality, then they represent a significant detail for bringing out different outfits: Otisopse's handcrafted models know this well and are therefore incredibly versatile.

    Under a pair of Bermuda shorts worn with a shirt or a t-shirt, our sneakers with bright colours like red, green or yellow make you creative and fashionable, while when worn with classic trousers they remove rigidity from the look and make it immediately more relaxed. In the blue and taupe shades, Otisopse's sneakers add a contemporary and distinct note to an overall everyday look, especially if worn without laces and matched with chinos and cardigans.

    And what about white or grey sneakers? They are perfect with both comfortable jeans and more formal clothing, both dark and tone-on-tone, both with a waistcoat and without a tie. The rules of fashion are extremely flexible; it is increasingly trendy to transform a refined wardrobe into one with urban and dynamic style. 

  • Stivaletti


    Otisopse has designed a sophisticated line of men's boots with great personality, for men who want to express their moxie character without giving up a touch of elegance. The collection includes a wide range of resistant and eclectic footwear, strictly handmade, ideal for showing off a comfortable and casual shoe that also knows how to get noticed on any occasion.

    Men's boots are the perfect shoes for a smart-casual look, halfway between formal and relaxed: this style of dressing is well-suited both to a business dinner and for leisure in the city, and is particularly appreciated by men who are looking for a versatile shoe for their active and dynamic lifestyle.

    When choosing the right shoes for this dress code, there is a very delicate balance between elegant and casual looks: all it takes is a pair of Otisopse men's boots to make your outfit perfectly chic and daring. Our various men's boot models are distinguished for their total artisan production, with both a stable and sturdy gait and breathable even if worn all day. They are undoubtedly a must-have item for men who love to dress well and feel comfortable in their clothes: in short, they are the optimal solution for finding the right compromise between elegance and comfort, especially in the winter season.

    Otisopse's proposals are in both leather and suede, ranging from high lace-up boots and Chelsea boots with ankle springs, passing through the timeless desert boots: all you have to do is choose which model matches your daily style best, after which you certainly won't go unnoticed by others.

    Boots without laces are, as always, the most elegant model: they are perfect for professional circumstances that require classic clothing, but can also be worn under simpler trousers either above or below the ankle. On the other hand, laced boots are better suited for sporty and metropolitan looks, outside or inside a pair of tight jeans or chinos, and make it possible to combine authenticity and comfort in a single pair of shoes.

  • Espadrillas
  • Doppia Fibbia
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Tassel moaccassins in leather with stitched leather sole. Crafted shoe with leather lining and insole. 100% made in Italy shoe

108,00 €
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Men's lace-up in black leather with stitched leather sole, leather insole and lining. Round shape. 100% made in Italy shoe.

130,00 €
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Classic men's leather loafers with stitched leather sole. Insole and leather lining. Footwear 100% made in Italy

130,00 €
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Classic men's moccasin in genuine black leather with leather lining and insole and leather sole. 100% Made in Italy footwear.

130,00 €
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Classic men's leather loafers with stitched leather sole. Insole and leather lining. Footwear 100% made in Italy

130,00 €
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Men's brown leather Francesina with stitched leather sole. Handmade lace-up, lining and insole in leather. 100% made in Italy shoe

130,00 €
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Francesina with blue leather toe with foedra and leather insole and stitched leather sole. Very elegant model and highly appreciated by our customers. Footwear 100% made in Italy

130,00 €
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Francesina with black leather toe with foedra and leather insole and stitched leather sole. Very elegant model and highly appreciated by our customers. Footwear 100% made in Italy

130,00 €
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Francesina for man in brown leather with leather sole, insole and leather linings. 100% made in Italy shoe. Elegant and comfortable shoe at the same time, highly appreciated by our international customers for its style and elegance

130,00 €
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Norwegian model men's shoe in Sudan leather with stitched leather sole, insole and leather lining. Shoe made entirely in Italy with Italian labor.Elegant and comfortable shoe at the same time, highly appreciated by our international clientele for its style and shape

130,00 €
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Francesina for man in blue leather with stitched sole in leather, insole and lining in leather. Shoe made entirely in Italy with Italian labor.Elegant and comfortable shoe at the same time, highly appreciated by our international clientele for its style and shape

130,00 €
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Men's black leather Norwegian with stitched leather sole, leather insole and lining. Shoe made entirely in Italy with Italian labor.Elegant and comfortable shoe at the same time, highly appreciated by our international clientele for its style and shape