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Of all the most popular men's shoes without laces, regardless of the age group, the soft Otisopse slippers deserve an honorable mention; they are a particular moccasin with a contemporary design that lend themselves very well to elegant looks as well as to more casual ones. The slipper-like shoe model which recalls the old-fashioned idea of ​​the high-society English gentleman in sophisticated clothes combines the comfort of a low shoe with the refinement of its workmanship in a high-quality artisan creation that cannot fail to leave its mark.

The men's slippers differ from classic moccasins in their more tapered shape and larger décolletage, which gently climbs up the instep and wraps it better. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and easy to match: excellent for the office and getting around the city, since they match both sporty, relaxed looks and elegant suits equally well. Their practicality and propensity to make even the simplest outfits chic lead them to be considered a synonym of good taste by both adult men and trendy youth who love keeping up with the latest trends. 

The Otisopse collection offers many different types of male slippers to meet every possible style requirement. As for their material, these shoes are available in leather, suede or velvet. Each model can be chosen in various colours depending on the occasion, from more neutral and traditional tones such as black and brown, to more bright and flashy tones such as purple, yellow and cobalt blue. As for decorations, the slippers can have a smooth design with a double buckle, or be embellished with a tassel.

This type of Made in Italy footwear is a great compromise between the comfort of sneakers and the formality of classic shoes and adds a dandy, refined note to any type of look. It especially gives its best with straight-leg trousers, even better if matched to the colour of the belt to enhance the overall beauty of an outfit.