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With the right shoes you can be chic and casual at the same time; when creating its original collection of rubber-soled shoes, Otisopse thought of those men who like to feel relaxed without giving up on style by wearing comfortable, high-quality shoes. In fact, the men's rubber-soled shoes collection combines Made in Italy craftsmanship with the most trendy moccasin models: the result is a type of shoe with great versatility that can combine functionality and elegance.

Choosing the style that best suits the circumstances and a man's way of being is not a minor detail, but a significant gesture that is also expressed through shoes. What you wear on your feet can be a way to express your personality, which is why Otisopse's collection of men's casual moccasins is highly appreciated by customers: it combines classic models and contemporary lines for a fresh and dynamic look, adaptable to both formal contexts and everyday life.

The men's rubber-soled shoes, also called driving moccasins, are the result of an all-Italian innovation from the sixties which later became famous in the rest of the world. In fact, they came from the desire to combine passion for handmade shoes with that of racing cars: the result was a handmade moccasin built over a base of rubber balls for an anti-slip feature, which then became almost a status symbol, a fashion accessory worn not only by motorists but by entire generations. 

Driving moccasins are still the emblem of informal clothing, a type of timeless footwear that is a must-have in any man's closet, both young and old. The essential style, decorated with the application of a simple side lace, makes it a perfect shoe for the summer months: fresh, comfortable, practical and easy to match. In fact, the rubber-soled shoes are comfortable with the most sporty and casual garments for leisure, such as Bermuda shorts, or with a long mismatched suit, ideal for a work meeting with a relaxed but professional character.

The handmade models of Otisopse men's rubber-soled shoes are available in leather or suede, with shades ranging from white to black and different tones of grey, blue and brown, to meet every style need.